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For over three decades, we have been the trusted manufacturer and supplier of Genuine leather shoes to top brands in UK and European markets. We have ensured stringent design, quality and manufacturing standards along with all certifications and regulations required for such international high-end leather brands. Our processes, quality standards, and foremost, our ethics and dedication have made us one of the leading exporter of Genuine leather products from India.


With our success in the exports market, growing number of leather fashion connoisseurs in India and the e-commerce boom, we have now launched our online leather products – Footwear, handbags, wallets, clutches and other accessories under the brand name of ‘ZOHVA’!

ZOHVA means Fashion, Elegance and Luxury 

At ZOHVA we focus on ‘Elegant Design’, ‘Quality Products’ and ‘Comfort & Durability’ to bring Genuine leather products and accessories to your doorstep. ‘Leather Forever’ signifies our mantra of product durability, catering to the changing tastes and styles over generations and life-long relationships we build with our suppliers and customers.


ZOHVA catalogue contains a wide variety of products for men and women, finely designed with both traditional and contemporary styling and elegance. Our team of skilled craftsmen and women treat the leather with artisanal respect during the entire manufacturing process.


‘ZOHVA’s (men and women’s) Moccasin shoes are exclusive and of highest quality made out of finest quality leather with unique characteristic that permeate air and moisture. Moccasins are wrinkle-free and hand-stitched, crafted with special care and attention. We take special attention to customise shoes in different sizes and preference fittings while using different leather types and leather colour.


Our designers have design Men’s accessories – belts and wallets which are sophisticated and class apart. For the new age professionals, ZOHVA’s genuine leather Laptop bag is a must have.


Ladies Handbags – Wallets and Clutches from ZOHVA are created with careful attention to details. These genuine leather accessories are elegant, re-defining luxury, perfect for everyday use, both for busy work days and as well as for evening outings.


Our manufacturing unit and warehousing is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  We are the original Genuine Leather product manufacturers creating long-lasting products establishing a long lasting relationship with you. Reach us at


‘Leather Forever’ 

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